About Broco Oil: The Browns

About Broco Oil: We were founded in 2007 by Bobby Brown. Bobby has his MBA from Boston University, is a local Fire Captain, and a US Navy Seabee veteran who was active duty during the War on Terror campaign. After being released from a active duty in 2005, Bobby made his way into the oil industry driving for a local company. Shortly after, he took his Seabee “Can do” attitude and decided to go off on his own. Broco Oil chose the Seabee logo to be the staple of the company’s pride and commitment to providing superior service at discount rates. His wife, Angela, has a BSBA in Business Management and Entrepreneurship in addition to working with hazardous materials and commercial equipment all her life. Both Bobby and Angela have all their licenses, OSHA training, and hazmat certifications to ensure safe and proper handling of all fuel products. Their goal is to create a quality discount oil company with all the amenities larger high priced oil companies offer.

Delivery Program

Will Call

This program is for the customer that doesn’t need a constant supply of fuel and wants to manage their fuel orders manually. With this program you can call us to order or order online, and we will deliver to your tank the next time we are in the area. (Note: Minimum Delivery is 100 gallons)

Automatic Fill

With the Automatic program, you have one less thing to worry about. We calculate your usage and monitor outside temperatures to automatically deliver to your tank before it runs out. You will never have to worry about how much fuel you have left in your tank. If you do run out of fuel, we will deliver ASAP to keep your heat running. This is also the most cost effective program we offer. Your price per gallon is the same as a will call and there are no extra charges. We run all our automatic accounts with a credit card on file. This does not include burner service, additives, or treatments.

Budget Plan

Budget plans are for customers who want spread out your heating bill over the entire year. We will calculate your oil usage and charge you a flat rate on the 15th of each month. Budget plans start in the summer. Call us today to see if you qualify.

*Weekday Emergency Delivery Fee $50  *Weekend Emergency Delivery Fee $75 *Prime and Start the Burner fee $35  (These fees may vary during a snowstorm or severe weather and these fees do not apply to auto and budget customers)