Clean Air, Happy Lungs: Tips on Keeping the Air in Your Home Clean

Clean Air: Most of us are experiencing adjustments to our daily lives because of recent events involving the spread of the coronavirus. We’re all working together to stop the effects of it, including opting to stay home for longer periods of time than we normally would. While limiting our exposure to others outside our home, it is also important to keep our homes clean. The first thing you may have thought of is to disinfect highly trafficked areas, and surfaces that are touched often. What you may not have given thought to, is the air in your home. The air quality inside your home is an important factor in you and your family’s overall health.

We’re here to give you some practical and natural tips on how to stay fresh!

clean airWhen heating and cooling your home, ventilation is vital! Whenever the weather permits, it’s important to open windows or doors and allow outdoor air to circulate through and replace stagnant indoor air. Many heating and cooling systems are equipped with air filters to trap dust and other pollutants. Cleaning and changing these regularly, according to specific instruction, can considerably reduce pollutant levels. Another factor is humidity, something that we are all familiar with in this area’s hot summers. Keeping indoor humidity between 30 and 50 percent can limit the risk of mold, and other air pollutants hanging around.

A simple way to keep your air clean is to take your shoes off upon entering your home. The dirt carried around on your shoes, such as bacteria, pollen, and pesticides, can end up in your home and in your air. If you have pets, clean them regularly and vacuum often to keep fur and dander out.

clean air

A fun and good-looking way to keep your air quality high is to decorate with houseplants. There are many plants that are effective in reducing carbon monoxide and providing a surplus of clean oxygen back into your home.

There are many ways to stay busy and productive while spending more time at home, and keeping your family healthy is certainly a good one! Keeping your air clean at home can keep your immune system running in top condition and give you peace of mind in this unsteady time. Let’s keep working together to stay healthy!