Delivery Please Dos !

We are here to serve, and we certainly know winters in the Northeast can be particularly harrowing. So we’ve put our heads together to come up with some tips for a safe delivery. You can help us ensure you a quick, easy, effective delivery when you need it most: when the snow just won’t quit.

Our most effective tip, and the one that means the least amount of work for you, is to keep your tank full. Don’t wait until the last minute. If we can deliver your oil before conditions get dangerous, it’s better for you and us!

Grab your shovels, and clear a path! If there isn’t a safe, clear path to your oil tank it creates hazardous conditions for our delivery employees. Help us reduce the risk of slips and falls by removing snow and ice leading directly to your oil tank. Keep in mind that our delivery trucks are much larger than your family’s car. So keeping a clear driveway for you, and us, can be a huge help.

Once a path is clear, your tank itself may be covered in snow. Before you decide to use the shovel, grab a broom. It removes the chance of damaging your tank when clearing snow. Keep an eye out for icicles or snow that may fall from your roof or another high surface onto your tank. You’ll eliminate the possibility of tank damage, and a dangerous situation for you and our employees when it comes delivery time. 

And of course, after the storm clears, regularly check your tank for damage. Any signs of it, call Broco immediately. Nothing bad ever comes from taking care of a problem swiftly. We want to keep your systems up and safely running.

Stay alert as the temperatures drop! Let’s work together to keep everyone safe this winter!