Fuel for Thought: Keeping Your Home Warm

Winter is not quite over and we need all the help we can get keeping our homes toasty all winter long. From ceiling fans to furnaces and heating bills to biodiesel, Broco Oil has got you covered with tricks of the trade.

Your first instinct when it starts to get chilly is to crank up that thermostat. And we don’t blame you! While it may quickly boost the temperature of your home, drastically and constantly changing the thermostat is going to boost your heating bill, and stress out your heating system. Fight the urge, and try these quick remedies before pressing any buttons.


It may seem counter-intuitive to turn on a ceiling fan when you’ve got a chill, but reverse that thinking…and your fan’s direction! Your fan is most likely set to push air down creating a cool breeze. Reversing the direction of your fan will pull cold air up, and push the rising warm air down to your level.


Insulating your home doesn’t have to be a major renovation. Wisely using curtains to control when the sun heats up your rooms, making sure windows are properly sealed, and covering floor space with rugs all prevent heat from escaping your home. If your home is equipped with vents that allow heated air to flow through the rooms, think twice about where they are located. Blocking them with large furniture could prevent them from doing their job, and prevent you from toasting up those toes.


Besides bundling up with warm sweaters and socks, there is a more scientific, and environmentally friendly solution to your home heating problems: Biodiesel. Biodiesel is clean-burning, and made from renewable resources. Because it is clean-burning and produced from natural materials, biodiesel is capable of improving air quality and overall the environment. Biodiesel use reduces carbon dioxide emissions by the absorption of carbon dioxide by the very plants, seeds, beans etc that are used to produce the diesel in the first place. Don’t be hesitant about its performance; while reducing harmful emissions, it can also extend the life of your heating system, by reducing carbon buildup on your equipment. In addition, having professional technicians perform routine maintenance on your system will ensure your home is running smoothly and efficiently.

In articles to follow, we will delve deeper into the benefits of biodiesel to your heating system, your environment, and your home. Stick with us, and make it a healthier, warmer winter!