4 Heating Mistakes You May Be Making

With the winter here, we tend to fall back into the same old routines. Some of your habits may be costing you money! Heating your home can be expensive, so any little tip helps! Here are some helpful hints about how to keep your heating costs down, just by breaking these bad habits:

1. Cranking up the thermostat The sun slowly gets up with you, and you saunter downstairs to turn the coffee on. As your once-warm feet hit the tile floor, your first instinct is to crank up the thermostat. You need relief now! But turning the temperature up higher isn’t going to warm the house any faster. Your system works at the same speed it always has, so set your thermostat to your desired temperature and let it do its job. You’ll be warm soon enough! If you consistently do this, you’ll increase the wear and tear on your system much faster, and pretty soon won’t be warm at all when it stops working!

2. Ignoring Your System’s Limits On that same token, pay attention to your heating system. Notice if it isn’t working to full capacity and recognize its limits. Don’t push your system further than it can go, and if it isn’t working as hard as it should be, call us! Regular maintenance is key! Ignoring a regular schedule is a huge waste of money!

3. Neglecting Filter Maintenance Speaking of which, don’t ignore your filters! Regular changing of filters insures that your system has a clean air flow and isn’t working harder to push through the dirt. Ask us about how often to change them, and we’ll make sure your ready to roll.

4. Forgetting About the Sun Don’t forget we are equipped with a built-in every day heater! You may be tempted to keep your curtains closed all day to keep the heat in. But the sun is powerful! If your windows normally allow a good amount of sunlight in, keep the curtains open while the sun is out and let it heat your rooms, you’ll be surprised at how warm it can be!

Small changes in your every day activities can make a big impact on your wallet. Stay warm and avoid these mistakes to make your winter a pleasantly warm one!