Rising Energy Costs During the Pandemic & How to Avoid Them

We are all spending a lot more time at home lately. More time at home, and more people at home, means using more energy throughout the entire day. This can cause your energy bills to skyrocket without you noticing until you get your bill in the mail. It’s important to use energy efficiently. Here are a few ways to cut down on energy usage and cut down on your bills!

save money & energy Regular Maintenance & Check-Ups on Heating & Cooling Systems If your heating or cooling system is old or not properly cared for, it is probably not running as efficiently as possible. Replacing worn parts, and filters regularly can keep your system firing on all cylinders. This means your system won’t need to try as hard to keep up and will experience less wear and tear.

Take Care With the Thermostat. Try turning down your thermostat by just one degree if heating, and up one degree if cooling. You’d be surprised how much money this could save you a year. If you are leaving home, keep your thermostat at a normal temperature to reduce dramatic efforts to cool/heat the room. For instance, if leaving the house for essential activities, leave the thermostat on a temperature that won’t leave the A/C on all day. Turning the system completely off, or too high, will make the system work much harder when you get home. The room was allowed to heat up too much while you were gone, so turning the thermostat down dramatically will be a big task for your system to meet your request. Using drapes and insulation will keep the cool air in at no cost to you or your system.

unplug save energy

Unplug! Many devices are still using energy even when you think they aren’t. By unplugging devices while not in use, or after they are fully charged, you eliminate wasteful energy usage. Some appliances and devices offer a ‘standby’ mode which automatically turns off the device when not in use. Be sure to switch lights off when leaving a room, and take advantage of natural sunlight.

Change Up Your Kitchen Routine. Small changes can drastically improve

energy save

energy usage and costs in the kitchen. If you’ve invested in energy-efficient appliances, use them! Using an energy-efficient dishwasher saves more water than running the tap to wash up. Only use pots that fit each burner. Using a pot that is too small for the burner wastes more energy than you’d think. If you are using items that produce a lot of heat, like the oven, consider opening the windows to let the air out, or turning the air conditioning off. If kept on, your air conditioning will struggle to cool down the room, using more energy.

As always, Broco Oil is here to keep you safe and energy-efficient during these difficult times! Bee safe!